Turning Pages


  1. Aguita de Corazón

  2. Hey

  3. But Beutiful

  4. Los tres deseos de siempre

  5. Futuro

  6. Bird Alone

  7. Silencio

  8. Home

  9. Tu Sonrisa

Celebrating the release of Turning Pages. More than a long-awaited new album, Claudia Acuña´s Turning Pages is an exquisite reintroduction to a singer who has thrived at the cusp of jazz and Latin American music. Slated for release on February 1, 2019, the project captures an artist in the process of reinventing herself, with a program of strikingly melodic original songs expressing her singular vision. Featuring a stellar cast of collaborators, Acuña’s first new recording in a decade makes a compelling case that while keeping a lower profile shes been pluming new emotional depths.